Renting or just purchased your dream home? These hacks are for you. Make the most of your living space with these impressive illusions and hacks that won’t break the bank. Transform any space into a bright and open home with just a few adjustments. Before we get into the tips, shoot us a follow on our Instagram @missarmarshall for blog post alerts, contests, dream homes and more! Alright, let’s get into these tips:

1. Mirrors Your eye will be tricked into thinking the room is bigger because a mirror creates the illusion of depth! Mirrors also reflect light all around your room which also tricks the eye. Not to mention Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and budgets, making this hack a win-win for everyone!

2. Hidden Storage & Multi-Purpose Furniture Ottomans, coffee tables, and window seats can all be found with added storage spaces inside, which is great for throw-blankets, dog toys etc. If you have a smaller place but love to have guests over, consider a pull-out couch; Living room by day, guest room by night!

3. Specifically Placed Colours Lighter colours reflect light, opening up the space. Whereas dark colours absorb light, making the room feel closed off and smaller. Try and use lighter colours on larger spaces and darker colours on the little details like doorknobs, light fixtures, and decor.

4. Lower Your Lights Not only is low hanging lights trendy, it also creates an illusion. Putting eye-level lighting on low hanging cords ​adds negative space above an element that’s traditionally closer to a ceiling. Your brain thinks there’s an even greater distance between the light and where it’s hanging from, giving your room a couple extra inches of ceiling height.

5. Floor To Ceiling Curtains Hanging curtains right to the ceiling draws your eyes up and gives the illusion of a taller wall. IKEA is a great place to find inexpensive extra long curtains.

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Photo by Ionut Vlad on Unsplash